Am. Ch. Rothby's Renee'Gade
Am. Ch. NealstarYYI's Mystigator
Am. Ch. Sterling'sTMealstar Mistique
Am. Ch. AJ's Rhett Gone With The Wind
Am. Ch. Ju-Gene's Winning Colors
Ju-Gene's Southern Magnolia
Ju-Gene's Hello Dolly
Am. Ch. McKim's Marking a Memory
Am. Ch. AJ's Bloomin Song of Figaro
AJ's Lil Peabo's Song of Love
AJ's Bloomin Sweet Desert Rose
AJ's Lil Figs Temtin Delites
Lakewood's Winning Oscar
Lakewoods Dasey Mae Jones
Lakewood's Fancy Pants
Am. Ch. Stringer's Something's Gotta Give
—Am. Ch. Rothby's P.J. Rigby
Am. Ch. Willobar Dr. Watson
Willobar P. Wigham
i. Rothby's Rippley
Am. Ch. Rothby's Reputation
Am. Ch. Rothby's Retaliation
Rothby's The Best Revenge
Am. Ch. Rothbv's Rii
Windtigo's Journey Of Dreams
Am. Ch. Rothby's Renee'Gade
Cresent's Sir Taz of Rothby
— L's Suzie-Q-Sidewmder
Stringer's Barbie Doll
Wright's Little Ron
Wright's Tisha Butter Cup
Wright's Jodie Sotell Ackman