Ch. Shady Grove's "She's So Vain"
"Karlee" (14426 bytes)

Ch. Glenmar's Nick At Nite
Ch. Orwick's In The Nick Of Time
Multi BISS winner
Ch. Exmoor's Quest For The Best Ch. Carneal's Charged And Ready
Ch. Exmoors One Better
Ch. Orwick's Ophelia Ch. Montclair The Devil Himself
Ch. Orwick Obsession
Ch. Glenmar The Queen Of Denial Ch. Glenmar's Lord Of The Rings Ch. Rothby's Renee'gade
Ch. Glenmar Country Air De Lorean
Ch. Glenmar The Dream of Kings Starrest Icon Of Glenmar
Glenmar Once Upon A Dream
Mama's Kalee Of Shady Grove Sir Chaucer Of Shady Grove Connie Fips Geak
Kissy Baby Little Rascal Of Greenbrook
Talena Baby Star
Sasha De Roxanne Benejamin Von Lancelot Sir Lancelot Of Paradise
Marcia Of Paradise
Natasha De Mignon Walsh's Trigger
Angel's Pepper